The Best Differents Perfomances of Rock songs in The Voice

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Публикуван на 13.01.2017 г.

In this video we will have very unusual versions of rock songs, but not for that they were not bad, on the contrary, several of these versions gained a life of their own, and they were very good, some changed the style, others left the music more slowly, what matters here And that they all showed their talent in their own way and persuaded all the jurors to turn their seats, showing that they really had the right choice.

Follow the information of the singers
Larisa Ciortan - Smells like teen spirit (The Voice Romania)
Sophia Tavares -Seven Nation Army (The Voice Portugal)
Georgina Karachaliou - Whole Lotta Love (The Voice of Greece)
Nungan - Come Together (The Voice France)
Bria Kelly - Steamroller Blues (The Voice USA)
Dilana Smith – Roxanne (The voice of Holland)