Max Verstappen Highlights And Overtakes

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Публикуван на 4.10.2014 г.

This is a video on Max Verstappen, the future F1 star. He is going to be the youngest F1 driver ever, and is already the youngest to have performed in an official grand prix weekend.

This video shows his great driving talents, shown in Formula 3 European championship of 2014. Hope you will enjoy it!

Let me clarify that Helmut Marco called Verstappen's driving style: "Most comparible with Ayrton Senna's"
Im not trying to say he is or will be better. Hes just really fast and his driving style does look alike. Anyway enjoy the video!

RECORDS UPDATE 02-01-2017*
During the Japanese Grand Prix of the 2014 F1 Championship, Max Verstappen broke the record for being the youngest F1 driver to perform in an official F1 Grand Prix weekend. Max was 17 years and 3 days old when he drove his Torro Rosso at Suzuka.

During the Australian Grand Prix (Round 1 of 2015 F1 Championship) Max Verstappen officially broke the record of the youngest driver ever to perform in an F1 Race. With his 17 years and 166 days he broke the record, previously owned by Jaime Alguersuari (2009 Hungarian Grand Prix). Jaime's previous record was set when he was 19 years and 125 days old.

During the Malaysian Grand Prix (Round 2 of the 2015 F1 Championship) Max Verstappen broke the record for being the youngest F1 driver ever to score points in Formula 1. With 17 years and 180 days he has taken over the record from Daniil Kvyat. Kvyat's previous record was set in Australia 2014. Kvyat was 19 years and 324 days old at that time.

Furthermore, Max was able to set the best qualifying position by a teenager, in over 40 years. During a rainy Qualifying session in Kuala Lumpur, Max placed his Torro Rosso in 6th position.

Max Verstappen became the youngest ever grand prix winner in Spain 2016. With 18 years and 228 days he also became the first teenager ever to win an F1 Grand Prix. The record was previous held by Sebastian Vettel, who set his record at a rainy Monza back in 2008. He was 21 years and 78 days back at the time.

MV Became the youngest front row sitter in F1 history. At his home event he qualified in 2nd place. With 18 years and 332 days he set a new record. The previous record was also held by Sebastian Vettel at the Italian GP of 2008.

Max Verstappen became the youngest ever Formula 1 driver to set the fastest lap during an official Grand Prix weekend. With 19 years and 44 days he was over a year younger than previous owner of the records Nico Rosberg, who was20 years and 258 days old when he set the record.